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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Talent Cluster platform is the best online channel for local NZ job seekers. Start with creating your personal profile, adding your work experiences and sharing your achievements and values. More importantly, we would like to know more about your career expectation. We are the first one provides functional dashboard for our talents to track application progress and interact with employers. Smart AI-Recruiter will also assist you through your job-hunting journey by recommend employer’s dashboard, job opportunities and companies’ information. Let employers reach out to you!
Talent Cluster is the employment marketplace for you to get to know your candidate from different angles and what they are good at. Talent Cluster puts employers’ needs into consideration, only shortlisted candidates will be recommended to you, so start boosting your talent pool from collaborating with us, and we are here to keep developing our website and create more customized functions for all employers to have a better user experience.
The main purpose of publishing the V1 beta version is to invite small group of users (both company and talents) to go through the demo which has basic functions such as sign in/ sign up and profile management. Talent Cluster team will collect feedback from this group of testing users. The rest of the practical functions will be upgraded in different milestone. The Version 2 with more comprehensive functions will be launch soon.
Choose your expertise, filter your target groups, put down your keywords, draft job description by filling up the template, you could even request a formal job interview through TC website. After you done your part, the AI-Recruiter will help you to finalise and attract more talents from different channels. You could choose to directly message your candidates by starting a conversion to arrange job interview or reject a candidate from the list.
Polish and manage your personal profile is the most crucial step to attracting employers’ attention, make sure you uploaded a most recent resume. Please keep in mind, the more information you shared with us, the more suitable and accurate job opportunities, employer’s profile will be recommended to you.
Yes! All our sign-up users have the general access to every dashboard sites. Talent Cluster team is also developing advanced functions for improving talents’ job-seeking efficiency and companies’ talent acquisition journey. Thus, a good-deal premium plan will be set up in the near future. Please subscribe our newsletter, we will notify all updated premium plan, pricing and other references via E-mail.
The safety and privacy for all our users is the number one priority for us. Please check our terms & conditions, privacy policy.