Finance & Accounting

We successfully deliver multiple types of finance and accounting role to the business. There are a few CPA, CFA, ACCA, CA and other equivalent candidate getting ready in our talent pool.

Marketing & Sales

We have experienced Digital Marketing to work with you to get more web/platform traffic. We can also help you find a bilingual sales master who can work with multi-cultural clients.


Here in our database, we can find all types of tech-talents who can meet your criteria, with solid soft skills, hard skills and previous experience in the global well-known enterprises.


Why choose us?

Best choice for most situations

The role is urgent

If you want someone urgently and have no time to post the position, screen CVs, arrange the interviews and negotiate with the candidates, TC can definitely help. We have our private database with a huge amount of qualified active talent, can quickly match the candidates with the requitements which can save your valuable time.

The budget is limit

TC has a range of competitive packages with different options depends on your expectations and budget. We also provide 3-month replaceable terms which ensure you can get the ideal candidate without exceeding your budget.

Want candidate without “filter”

We understand that CV and interview might not enough for business to know the candidates. At TC, we never deliver candidates before meeting them. We present the candidates without filter to help employers make better conclusion.

Greatest Talent Asset

Our people are our greatest asset. Most of our consultants are professionals in the industries for which they recruit and have commercial experience, adding value and develop sustainability by picking up the right people for the business.

Stay with Employer

We understand no two organisations are the same. Therefore, we provide a range of services, including sourcing, job description editing, advertising, interviewing, shortlisting, offer management or full end-to-end recruitment service.

Quick AI-Matching

Our success is originally from our expertise. In addition, TC implements technology to streamline the recruitment process. We help candidates to understand their strengths and set up career goals.


What makes us different!

Technology empowers

Our Highly-Effective Process

Streamline the Flow

Starting from establishing terms and sign in our platform to demonstrate your ideal talent imagination. We will bring your right people within 3 working days.

Create job descriptions
publish the position to the market
Specific requirements recorded
Process applications
Review candidates resumes
Fast interview round
Comprehensive talent analysis
Matching rate analysis
Presenting right talents
Provide detailed candidates reports
Facilitate panel interviews ASAP
Undertake Checks
Background and reference checking
Other Check (Criminal, Health, etc)
Facilitate contracts
3-months follow up
Lower commission rate



active talent



processing days

3 month

3 month

free replacement plan