Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last modified: July 1 2021


The purpose of this privacy policy is to let users of www.talentcluster.co.nz (the 'site') know when we collect personal information and what we do with it.

This privacy policy ("policy") will help you understand how Talent Cluster ("us", "we", "our") uses and protects the data you provide to us when you visit and use [www.talentcluster.co.nz] ("TC", "website", "service").

We reserve the right to change this policy at any given time, of which you will be promptly updated. If you want to make sure that you are updated with the latest changes, we advise you to visit this page frequently. We don't use, share or transfer personal information in connection with the site except as set out in this policy; or as otherwise set out somewhere on the site (including in terms linking to the site).

Transfers of Information to Job Seekers

Talent Cluster promotes certain job vacancy information to Job Seekers. This includes publishing contents in Job Ads and Company Career Pages on the Sites and publishing Job Listings on third-party websites. This may include the Company logo, Employer representative’s name, the Employer’s city/state location, contact details, industry classification.

When companies post job vacancy advertisements on the Sites in a manner, Talent Cluster assumes that is intended to make that content publicly available and searchable by individuals. Talent Cluster strictly follows the trademark law to legally use the data from the job ads, such as distinctive words, phrases, logos, symbols, slogans and other data to identify and distinguish products or services in the marketplace. Talent Cluster only use the job data to promoting purpose, help the company aggregate and promote that job information for gaining more exposures and attracting more talents.

Talent Cluster only uses this data which may include company trademarks and copyrights for:

  • informational purposes of identifying specific company and job ads
  • job ads promotion purposes for companies branding and talent acquisition

Talent Cluster aims at aggregating all high-quality jobs to attract talents in one cluster. However, Talent Cluster will stop promoting some job ads if the company require us to stop sharing their job ads related information to the public on the Talent Cluster Platform.

Third-Party Sites You Link to from Talent Cluster

You may also use certain third-party websites or services that you link to from the Sites. In such cases, all information you provide to a third party is provided to that third party and not to Talent Cluster, and is subject to the third-party’s privacy policy and terms of service.

Links to Third-Party Sites

The Sites may make available links to other third-party websites. When you click on such links, you may leave our Sites. Your web browser may also disclose to the third-party website the URL of the Sites page you clicked from, and this URL may include search terms and filters you used on the Sites. The Sites may also make available Company Career Pages, which may contain information provided by third-party Employers.

Talent Cluster uses certain third-party social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as additional means of reaching the public and directing job seekers and other visitors to the resources on our web pages. As noted above, this Privacy Policy does not apply to these third-party social media websites, and therefore you should familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of the social media sites you use.

We are not responsible for the information collection, use, disclosure or other privacy practices of any third party (including any employer that provides a company page), any third-party social media platform. Thus, you should consider their privacy policies to learn more.

Use of personal information
Registered Users

When you register with Talent Cluster, we collect your personal information, which will help the users demonstrate values in the Platform. Users need to provide more details to Talent Cluster.

Join as a Registered Talent

As a Registered Talent, you will have the opportunity to access the functions that provide by Talent Cluster, including but not limited to profile display, job application, career advice, data insight, recruitment services and insightful reporting and other future functions that may assist you in finding a job and promoting yourself.

Becoming a Registered Talents is that you need to provide basic personal information such as your e-mail address. Activating your account also requires you to provide other basic personal information, such as your name, gender, date of birth, nationality, phone number, right to work address and so on, as long as other information such as the "about yourself" paragraph, dream job headline, visa status and so on. You can preview your information in the "brief talent card" (Which will display in the talent search page designed for the Registered Company) on the top of the profile page. Your "brief talent card" might be displayed on the public site to demonstrate your values and attract employers to contact you. The brief name card will hide your name correctly. You could choose to hide your real name, and therefore will only show your working and education experience. Talent Cluster may use part of the Registered Talent data to develop future functions to improve talents' user experience. For example, some data such as job title, location, expected salary, and industry will be involved in the recommendation algorithm for accurately analysing talent preference. Therefore, the Platform can smartly recommend appropriate content for talents.

We also collect other information (Optional) to provide Registered Talents better user experience.

In the Expectation session, TC will collect your salary expectation, availability, working preference to understand your needs better.

Registered Talents can choose to fulfil the rest of the information such as Education, Career, Volunteer, Certification and Language part to enhance their profile completion. Those who update more profile content will be prioritised to the top page to get more exposure.

Registered Talents can access the Platform to use all functions in the current version for free. Please note that the Platform will not ask for any financial information such as credit card number, name, valid date, etc., so please do not update your financial data in Talent Cluster.

Join as a Registered Company

As a Registered company, you will have the opportunity to access the functions provided from Talent Cluster, including but not limited to profile display, job post, applicant management, talent recommendation, recruitment insights and other future functions that may assist you in finding a promising talent. Becoming a Registered Company is that you need to provide basic personal information such as your e-mail address. Activating your account also requires you to provide your user's name, company size, more importantly, your Registered Company name, which is linked to your NZBN (New Zealand Business Number). Parts of your public company information (Address, Company Type, Registration Date, E-mail, Website, Industry, NZBN Number) which displayed in the (https://www.nzbn.govt.nz/) will be automatically updated in Talent Cluster. In addition, you can view your information in the "profile" in the company site dashboard, and you can edit the company E-mail, Phone number and website if needed. Please do not use other companies' names to register the account, which will be reported as a legal issue, Talent Cluster and the company reserve the right to take legal action.

Talent Cluster may use part of the Registered Company data to develop future functions to improve employers' user experience. For example, some data such as location, company size, and industry will be involved in the recommendation algorithm to analyse companies' preferences accurately. Therefore, the Platform can smartly match appropriate talents for Registered companies.

To support the New Zealand after-Covid period economic recovery, Talent Cluster creates a "New Zealand Welcome Talents" campaign from 15th Jul 2021 to 15th Oct 2021. All Registered Companies can post up to 5 job ads for free during these three months, and no credit card information is required. After the Registered Companies post five job ads, the company can request a further five job post times by sending an e-mail to [email protected], and Talent Cluster will approve to authorise another five job posts for the Registered Companies within two working days. After the campaign period, Registered Companies still can access the Platform for free. Talent Cluster will update a price plan to list the price for accessing some advanced features for Registered Companies' preference.

More information that Talent Cluster will collect

Talent Cluster will collect and use further information. For example, in the Registered Talent profile, expectation, education, career history, volunteer history, certification, language, skill-sets will be collected for identifying Registered Talents' job-hunting demands, personalities and preferences. On the Registered Company site, Talent Cluster will collect your job post details. Talent Cluster aims at providing a good match between talents and jobs, and therefore some of the collected information will be used to implement and optimise an intelligent algorithm. Talent Cluster may also use the collected data to analyse the talents and company's needs, which help Talent Cluster develop more beneficial functions for the talent's job-seeking journey and the company's talent acquisition journey. Talent Cluster may also collect files as the Platform will support file upload functions for users to upload files such as CV and CL or other supportive documents.


Subscription is an optional function provided for either Registered Talents or Registered Companies to select. Talent Cluster requests that Registered Talents and Companies give an e-mail address so that Talent Cluster can notify Subscribers via e-mail of newsletter, talent recommendation, job vacancies, data insight and so on.

You can choose to unsubscribe from the subscriptions at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button within the e-mail.

Online Resumes from Registered Talents Profile

Talents have the right to update the profile, where most of the Resume's information includes but not limited to working experience, education history, etc. The brief profile card will be displayed on the public site to demonstrate talents' values. Users can protect their private information by clicking the function "Hide my name". Critical information such as name, profile image will therefore be hidden. When Registered Companies search keywords, your brief profile card may be displayed. When Registered Companies click the button "View details", the entire online Resume will be viewed from the Company site. The Platform strictly protects users' privacy, so if the user chose to hide their name, the Companies Users don't have the right to view the title.

Deleting an Online Resume from your profile means that Registered Companies are no longer have the access right to view your complete profile. However, deleted records may still be stored by Talent Cluster backup systems for a period. Talent Cluster will store the Online Resumes information in a secure environment. If Talent Cluster uses parts of the profile information for testing features or algorithms, the IT team will ensure the testing environment is protected.

The information you're provided in the Online Resumes will be a crucial part of the algorithm. Talent Cluster platform will set up appropriate rules (Based on your selected industries, position, skill-sets and the year of the relevant working experience) to calculate how much percentage can you perfectly rate against other candidates or what kinds of job you are likely to secure.

Talent Privacy Protection from Registered Company

Registered Companies have the right to access the talent pool and search talents' profiles to speed up recruitment efficiency. Registered Companies can view talents' details and contact the right talents to go through the shortlisting process by searching talents' profiles. However, registered Companies are responsible for protecting talents' personal information. Therefore, registered Companies should keep all talent data confidential. Registered Companies are not allowed to share or sell talent data for any purpose unrelated to the job application.

Job Vacancy Advertisement

Talent Cluster provides a dashboard function for the Registered Company to upload job vacancies for applicants to apply. Job Vacancy Advertisement will require business information such as company size, company name, company value and mission, address, contact details, and job vacancy information such as responsibilities, requirements, benefits, salary range and so on. The brief Job Vacancy Advertisement will be displayed on the public site – find jobs, where displays job title, location, short job description and so on for potential applicants to browse. When clicking "View Details", only those who registered the accounts can view the full job description on the dashboard site.

Fraudulent Job Vacancy Advertisement

Talent Cluster aims at maintaining a safe and friendly environment for all users. However, users still need to be aware of fraudulent job vacancy advertisements. Please report to the Talent Cluster team immediately by sending an e-mail to [email protected] if you suspect a job vacancy advertisement or a registered company. Our team will evaluate the company and block the account if the company does not strictly follow the platform privacy policy and terms & conditions.

There are a few scenarios that act like a Fraudulent Job Vacancy Advertisement or Fraudulent Companies, and you could ignore the request or report to our team to avoid any loss:

  • Ask for financial information such as banking account, credit card details, IRD number.
  • Ask for extra payment to secure an interview or an offer.
  • Ask for payment transactions required by the Platform.
  • Ask for other personal information not related to the job shortlisting process.
  • Ask for Talent Cluster log in E-mail and password.
  • Ask for interviewing the company place.
  • Other scenarios that you suspect.

Interaction between Registered Users and Talent Cluster

Talent Cluster may collect your contact details for:

  • Sharing up-to-date newsletter, announcement, feature update reminding, insight reports via E-mail for inspiring Users. You can unsubscribe from this service by clicking the button "Unsubscribe" in the Subscription Completed E-mail.
  • Providing customer service support, you agree that Talent Cluster could contact you to offer you additional services.
  • Updating applications progress for Registered Companies. Registered Companies will receive notifications via E-mail if talents are applying for the position.

When we speak to you over the phone, we may record the calls for training, verification, and quality assurance purposes. Any Personal Information collected on those calls is used following this Privacy Statement.


Talent Cluster may use the collected information to assist Talent Cluster to conduct digital marketing campaigns, developing products and services we offer to you.

Any third party who attempts to collect personal information should ask Talent Cluster's authorisation and Talent Cluster to make sure they comply with all relevant obligations relating to the use and disclosure of Personal Information outlined in the Privacy Act. The use of your information will be governed by their privacy policies and is not within the control of the Talent Cluster. Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for the conduct of these entities.

Storage & Security of Personal Information

Talent Cluster is responsible for maintaining a secure environment in our system, where we take actions to protect your confidential data from misuse, interference, and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure. You can update your data anytime, and you can also delete the personal data for your preference. However, we will store your deleted data for a period in our database. Your personal information is stored on secure servers in Australia, and the server providers enhance the controlled facilities to make them safe.

Employees and the contractors in the Talent team are obliged to respect the confidentiality and privacy of any Personal Information held by Talent Cluster. Therefore, except in the case of breaches of our obligations under the Privacy Act to protect your Personal Information, Talent Cluster will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access of your Personal Information.

Talent Cluster is committed to complying in all respects with any requirements of the Privacy Act to avoid a data breach. Registered Talents and Registered Companies are required to keep your Personal Information secure by maintaining the confidentiality of any password on the dashboard. Please approach our team if there is or there will be any unauthorised use of your account by any other Internet user or any other breach of security relating to your account.

Use of non-personal information

For a better understanding of user journey, then providing better service and user interface for users, Talent Cluster collects non-Personal information on both Public Site and Dashboard site visits by users, including, without limitation, the date of sign in, the functions or page they frequently visited, the time that users spent in particular pages.

IP Addresses

Your IP address will be gathered from the Talent Cluster web server, assist with the diagnosis of problems or support issues with our services, and monitor the use of our site, including the monitoring of the location of our users.


Talent Cluster uses cookies to provide Users with a better browsing experience and tailor advertisements from Talent Cluster. These cookies collect non-Personal users' click activity for measurement and features such as remembering your details for 'Auto Login'. Additionally, users can click the 'decline' before they browse the site.

Third-Party Measurement

Talent Cluster subscribes to governmental API such as NZBN, where Talent Cluster can legally extract business data from NZBN if the Registered Companies provide their business number in the profile.


Talent Cluster will collect users' feedback to improve our customer success journey.

Submission forms

Talent Cluster provides a submission form in the public site, which can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Request a collaboration
  • Complaint
  • User experience sharing
  • Suggestions of feature improvements
  • Urgent hiring services

The talent Cluster team will try to apply all the requests as soon as possible.

More Information About Privacy

For more information about privacy issues in New Zealand and protecting your privacy, visit the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner's website.